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Inserting a GBA card in Slot-2 in a Nintendo DS unit (that's not a DSi) while a DS game is running could unlock various gameplay features in some DS games. DeSmuME can emulate this: while playing the DS ROM, go to "Config, Slot 2 (GBA Slot)" and select "GBA Cartridge". DSi: Bye Bye GBA Slot | IGN Boards While I didn't use the GBA slot much, it was always nice to know that there were two games ready to go on my DS. ... good thing i still have my gameboy micro and i never liked to play gba games on ... List of Nintendo DS accessories - Wikipedia This is a list of Nintendo DS accessories. Contents. 1 Official accessories. 1.1 Rumble Pak; 1.2 ... The Facining Scan is a camera that plugs into the GBA slot of the DS. It is included .... for the original DS. The grip is required in order to play any of the Guitar Hero: On Tour games, and is also used to play Band Hero for the DS.

There are no 'SP' specific games, all Gameboy Advance games are the same, and yes, they will work in a DS Lite, that is the whole point of Slot-2, to play GBA games. share with friends Share to:

The following is an alphabetical list of Nintendo DS games with a special Game Boy Advance linkage function. When the corresponding Game Boy Advance game cartridge is inserted into the Nintendo DS' GBA slot, special features are unlocked in the Nintendo DS game. How to run GBA games on your DS | GBAtemp.net - The ...

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R4 vs. R4i SDHC & RTS Head to Head Review | Emuparadise.org Boot Slot-2 allows you to boot into GBA games or another Slot-2 flashcart, basically this allows the R4/R4i to effectively work as a PassMe.

gba= game boy advance! geez!!! do you know what a game boy advance is? its the handheld gaming console nintendo released in 2001 and it is the one before the nintendo ds. so the ds lite plays nintendo ds games and gameboy advance games! the dsi only plays nintendo ds games and that is why I prefer a ds lite!

DS Software Can Access GBA Slot - News - Nintendo World Report According to development sources who wish to remain anonymous, Nintendo DS software can access the Game Boy Advance cartridge slot. However, our sources indicate that this feature seems intended ... What 1% of Nintendo DS games cannot be played on the whole ...